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Leaky Toilet Causes Water Damage in Commercial Bathroom

An overflowed toilet caused water damage to a commercial bathroom at an Austin area business. Fortunately, the water was caught right away and SERVPRO of West A... READ MORE

Office Building Encounters Water Damage

Water damage to hallway carpet and hardwood floors occurred after an HVAC unit leaked in an office building in Austin.  SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway ... READ MORE

Removing Affected Materials after a Fire

After a fire, it's important to remove or clean objects the fire or smoke have touched.  The professionals at SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway can do tha... READ MORE

Smoke damage to Ceiling

After a Fire, smoke contaminates many areas of the home.  Smoke can contain and spread harmful chemicals throughout a home. SERVPRO of West Austin and... READ MORE

Electrical Fire in Ceiling

After a ceiling fan connection caused an electrical fire in the ceiling of a home in Austin, the professionals at SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway were called... READ MORE

Industrial Fans and Dehumidifiers

When water damage occurs, it's important to remove the water and install industrial fans and dehumidifiers to dry out the area.  Additionally, the area is ... READ MORE

Water Spill in Front Room

An accident left this front room with a wet floor.  Water extractors, industrial fans, and preventative fungal treatment were used to restore the water dam... READ MORE

Kitchen flood in Austin

A leaky refrigerator was the culprit was this water damage event at a home in Austin. Be sure to routinely check the water lines to your refrigerator for leaks ... READ MORE

Large Water Damage Restoration Project in Austin

Flooding all over the first floor of this home in Austin needed immediate attention. Within hours, the professionals at SERVPRO of West Austin and Lakeway were ... READ MORE

Storm in Austin causes leaky in roof

An Austin area storm caused roof damage, which in turn cause water damage through the kitchen ceiling and onto the floors. The professionals at SERVPRO of West ... READ MORE